The Power of Prune Juice for Constipation

If you've found your way to this blog, it means you're on a quest for more information about the powers of prune juice. Well, you're in luck because you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of prune juice for constipation relief and spill the beans on not one but two fantastic prune juices we offer.

All About Constipation.

Constipation occurs when your bowel movements become infrequent or difficult, resulting in discomfort, bloating, and straining. It can be caused by factors such as a lack of dietary fibre, dehydration, a sedentary lifestyle, or certain medications.

Constipation can be an uncomfortable and frustrating experience, impacting our daily lives in various ways. While there are numerous remedies available, one natural solution stands out for its effectiveness: prune juice.

Juicing for Constipation: How Prune Juice Can Help.

Did you know that prune juice comes from dried plums? The truth is, the prune won't be winning any beauty contests anytime soon, but they have long been hailed for their natural laxative properties. Prune juice contains sorbitol, a sugar alcohol known for its ability to soften stool and promote bowel movements. Additionally, prune juice is rich in fibre, which adds bulk to the stool and facilitates smoother passage through the digestive tract.

How Much Prune Juice Do You Need for Constipation?

The appropriate amount of prune juice for constipation relief depends on individual factors such as age, overall health, and the severity of symptoms. However, a common recommendation is to start with a small serving, typically around 4-6 ounces, and gradually increase as needed until desired results are achieved.

How Fast Does Prune Juice Work For Constipation?

Prune juice is often touted for its quick action in relieving constipation. While individual experiences may vary, many people report noticeable relief within a few hours to a day after consuming prune juice. The high fiber content and sorbitol in prune juice work together to soften stool and promote bowel movements, helping to alleviate constipation symptoms efficiently. However, it's essential to stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet rich in fiber to support long-term digestive health. As always, consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice on managing constipation and incorporating prune juice into your wellness routine.

Our Two Prune Juices.

Firstly, our not-from-concentrate Prune Juice is made from 100% squeezed prunes with added vitamins A, C, & E. It's a straightforward choice for those seeking the natural benefits of prune juice.

 Secondly, we have our 100% Pure Prune Juice with Multivitamins, which combines the goodness of prune juice with essential multivitamins. This product offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, ensuring you receive not only the natural laxative properties of prune juice but also a boost of vital nutrients to support overall health.

No matter which product you choose, you can trust us to deliver high-quality and delicious-tasting products, making it easier than ever to incorporate the benefits of prunes into your daily routine.

If you're interested in learning more, head to the NHS website for information about about the vitamins and minerals packed into our juices.