BENEFIT® JUICE: 6 X Prune 750ml


Prune Juice, Not from concentrate

For people who want a not-from-concentrate alternative, our pure squeezed NFC Prune juice delivers a real prune punch. Made from 100% of the highest grade fruit from the Agen region of Bordeaux and blended with vitamins A, C & E, it is high in antioxidants and delivers a full-bodied flavour that carries rich notes of raisin and caramel.

Consume a glass of our juice daily as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Find out more about vitamins and minerals through this helpful NHS guide:

Ingredients Prune juice not from concentrate (100%), provitamin A, Vitamin C & E.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
jean Anderson
A beneficial pick me-up

A welcome part of my daily routine….all too easy to have become dependent !

Anne Dunsmore
Delicious and best

This is the best and most delicious prune juice I have tried. I love that it is not from concentrate and you can really taste the difference.

Sophie Precious

Hi I’m pregnant and wondered if this is ok for me to drink? Is this drink pasteurised? X

Hello, thanks for the question. The juice is pasterurised but you should check with your doctor as we add multivitamins to the juice. Any more questions, just drop us an email at thank you!

Diane Johnson
Be if it prune juice

I have a small glass every evening and it really helps to keep my bowels open

Hi Diane, thank you so much for your positive review!

Rick Walsh
Stronly recommended

Very good quality juice, extremely palatable and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. I strongly recommend this product.

Hi Rick, many thanks for your review, we're so pleased you recommend our juice!

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