BENEFIT® JUICE: 8 X Prune juice with Multivitamins 1lt


Prune Juice, from concentrate.

Our Great Taste Award winning Prune juice is made with the highest grade prunes from the Agen region of Bordeaux. Its light and refreshing taste make it the perfect replacement for your morning OJ.

Whilst they don't score highly in the beauty stakes looks can be deceiving as well being a a good source of fibre they also contain potassium, which supports normal blood pressure and helps your muscles work normally.

Consume a glass of our juice daily as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Find out more about vitamins and minerals through this helpful NHS guide:

Ingredients Prune Juice From Concentrate (100%),  Vitamins : C, Niacin, E, Panthothenic Acid, B2, B6, B1, A, Folic Acid, Biotin, D, B12.

Customer Reviews

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Sell by date

Juice is delicious and is effective but I did have to do a double take on the contents ie looking for additives because the sell by date was Feb 24 3059. Could be in the Guinness Book of Records

Hello, thanks for your review! The 3059 part of the code at the top of your juice is information about the batch number so we can keep track of the juice, not the year 3059!

Patricia Tavernor
Present for friend

I ordered an 8 pack of Benefit prune juice with multivitamins as a present for my friend in Ireland as she has been poorly for some time with severe arthritis and degeneration of the spine. She had been on strong painkillers for ages and then the doctor switched her to codeine. I knew from experience the difficulties this drug causes - with bad constipation for days - and thought the juice would help in this respect. I take it daily and swear by it.

Thanks for the review! What a kind friend you are :-)

Mo Sharif
Extra Ordinary Shelf Life

Just purchased a few 100% prune and vitamins. Best Before Expiry is Jan 24th 3013
hmmmmm 990 years, goodjob my freehold property has 999years left on it hahahhahha

Thanks for the review! The 3013 part of the code printed on the carton is part of the batch number so we can trace all the juice we product, not the use by date!

Bernard Beckett

The best before date on two recently purchased cartons of your prune juice is June 23rd 2172.
Is that’s little optimistic?

Thanks for the review! The 2172 code is part of the batch code so we can trace all the juice we produce, not the use by date!

Jennifer Wallace

Love this prune juice, very tasty and excellent customer service. Thank you

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