Benefit Juice in Food Chain magazine

Health in a Glass 

We all know about the requirements for 'five-a-day' in our diet and adding something tasty and healthy to your daily routine has been made easier with the launch of a new range of vitamin-enriched juices: Benefit Drinks CLEANSE - Prune Juice (available in 100 per cent pure juice and NFC pure squeezed), VITALITY - Beetroot Juice, and ENRICH - Carrot Juice. 

Made in the UK by a family business Lovely Fodder Ltd, the Benefit Drinks range is bursting with flavour and have bundles of natural health benefits due to the power of the vegetable and fruits packed in each carton. The CLEANSE prune juice option has a light and refreshing taste, and has been designed to aid digestion and bone health, while the VITALITY Beetroot Juice has been blended with apple juice to deliver a rounded and earthly flavour, to aid stamina and improve circulatory health. Finally, the ENRICH Carrot Juice is blended with a hint of lemon juice delivering a sweet and tangy drink that is naturally rich in beta-carotene which supports both bone and skin health. 

Furthermore, the whole range is enriched with vitamins A, C and E and provides 100 per cent of your recommended daily intake with every 250ml glass. 

"These taste like I have just squeezed them myself!" our tester commented, very impressed with the natural taste of the new Benefit Drinks. The Prune juice was very well received by the tasters - fruity and quite milky tasting, it was a surprise hit, all the options taste very fresh and authentic: "I am sure I can feel this doing me good!" one tester exclaimed.