Vitality Beetroot Juice in Amor magazine

Beetroot Juice is fast becoming the go-to drink of choice for athletes in training due to its fantastic stamina enhancing properties. In addition, its natcurring vitamins help to promote healthy red blood cells to better carry oxygen around the body, not only aiding performance, but improving circulatory health.

Cyclists, in particular, are proving to be big fans after a 2014 study showed a remarkable improvement in performance after beetroot juice consumption. Cyclists, in the experiment, were given a single serving of beetroot juice before simulating a high altitude time trial where oxygen in the air was thinner than on the ground. It found that the nitrates in the beetroot juice improved the cyclists’ time on average by 16 seconds by helping their blood absorb more oxygen.

More oxygen means your muscles can work harder for longer, but also return to their normal rest state faster making those aches after “leg-day” are a thing of the past.

Benefit Drinks’ 100% squeezed VITALITY Beetroot Juice takes the natural goodness of beetroot and blends it with delicious apples to make an endurance boosting juice with the extra benefit of tasting great too.