How much sun is too much sun?

The most of us enjoy the occasional, or frequent, day in the sunshine having a BBQ or sunbathing on the beach. There are many health benefits to being in the sun, such as Vitamin D exposure, enhanced mental health and improved cardiovascular health, but there are some deadly effects of too much sun and therefore enjoying sunshine must be done so with caution.

sunshine beach

As the weather starts to warm up and you begin to spend more time outside, we’ve put together a handy article as to how much sun is good for you and when you might need to start sitting in the shade.

The best source of Vitamin D is through UV rays that come from direct sunlight. However, it is these exact rays that also cause 1.3 million cases of skin cancer every year. Did you know that 20-25 minutes a day is all you need to hit your Vitamin D RDA?


Advice for babies and young children

Keeping young children safe in the sun can be a hard task when they’re wriggling or running around not following instructions.

The NHS recommends that babies below 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight completely, whilst children between 6 and 12 months should remain out of the sun during peak hours (11am-3pm).

Ensuring that young children wear sunscreen and a sunhat can also help protect them further.


Elderly people

Vitamin D intake for the elderly is greatly important. It can help strengthen bones, improve cognition and prevent insomnia. Therefore, exposure is vital. However, skin cancer risk is amplified amongst seniors and therefore sunlight exposure must be approached with caution.

It is suggested that 10-20 minutes a day, alongside vitamin D supplements is a good compromise.


Other sources of Vitamin D

Don't think you're getting enough Vitamin D in? Vitamin D can be found in many different foods, including our Benefit Juice range, but you can find them as over-the-counter tablets, too!